Pipe and Joint System: steel tubes, plastic & metal joints, brackets & accessories for lean manufacturing solutions

Pipe and Joint System is a range of reusable steel tubes and rapid assembly connecting joints, brackets, roller tracks, parts and accessories, which not only enables you to design and build a wide range of applications and solutions, but can also be integrated into a Lean Manufacturing or Kaizen environment.

Pipe and Joint System solutions are simple to design, quick to assemble and completely reusable. These can be used for storage, material handling, assembly manufacturing and distribution.

Pipe and Joint System fully supports the principles of Continuous Improvement (Kaizen Techniques) and Lean Manufacturing. This simple-to-use solution will simplify your processes, increase your productivity and decrease your costs.


Aluminium Tube / Pipe

An aluminium tube / pipe modular system is now available from Dynamic Marketing & Supplies, complementing our traditional steel tube / pipe racking system. Pipe racking equipment is versatile, flexible, reusable and can be modified as desired, offering custom designed structures for many industrial and manufacturing applications. Installation is simple as no welding is required; structures are quickly and easily assembled using interlocking joints and connectors.

The aluminium tubes can be fully integrated into our steel structures or be used to design and custom-build standalone equipment for assembly, benches, work station, flow racks and trolleys. Aluminium pipes can also be used for exhibition stands, display boards, garment rails and any other application.

We offer a complete range of aluminium joints, connectors, accessories and castors, and the 28mm diameter aluminium pipes are available in various profiles and two weights: regular and heavy duty pipe; regular and heavy duty round pipe; T-slot pipe; and slide pipe. There is also an extra heavy duty double pipe.

An aluminium tube system offers several advantages:-

  • It is much lighter than steel, so modules are even easier to assemble, move (on castors) and disassemble
  • It is hard-wearing with a durable anodized surface
  • It provides a high strength to weight ratio
  • Two main joint options are available.
  • Outer joints which connect around the outer face of the tubes (similar to the A type standard steel joint range)
  • Inner joints where tube surface in flush with joint surface where smoother continuous surfaces are required
  • It is ideal in lean manufacturing and production environments because it offers:
    • Supreme versatility of use, ideal for continuous improvement
    • High aesthetic value in the workplace without glare
    • enables standard steel Flow Tube system and aluminium system to be used together
  • It is made from environmentally friendly anodized aluminium alloy material
  • It has a high recycling value (up to 50% of aluminium market value)


Aluminium Profiles

With our aluminium profile and accessories you can build exactly the structure you require. Our Aluminium profile range is ideal for all your applications such as tables, frames, machine guards, protective enclosures test rigs, racking etc. We stock an extensive range of aluminium profile sizes such as 20, 30, 40, 45, 50, 60, 80, 90 & 100mm and with our vast range of accessories you can quickly find a solution for your build.

All our aluminium profiles have T grooves for easy assembly. This "endless slot" is time saving and minimizes risk during construction, production and assembly. We can supply your aluminium profile cut to length . We can also supply with end finishes to your profile with milling, drilling or threaded holes.

The Aluminium Profile System is Strong and Durable and can be easily adapted using the various Aluminium Profile connecting options. All aluminium profile accessories and connections are designed as user-friendly threaded joints. This shortens assembly times because no time consuming work like grinding down or painting is involved. The flexibility of our Aluminium Profile and Accessories allows you to make alterations to your application at a later date

Items can be supplied flat packed for self assembly or fully assembled.


Conveyor and Automation

Dynamic Marketing & Supplies is a leading material handling systems integrator that provides high quality, reliable automated conveyor systems for a variety of applications within the warehouse or distribution center. From belt conveyor to roller, accumulation to gravity conveyor, or motor-driven rollers, our conveyor product offerings are extensive.

Automated conveyor systems can be very basic, such as rolling pin-style conveyor belts, which rely on momentum to transport materials. They can also be entirely mechanized and automated for the transportation of heavier materials. Conveyors can move cases and boxes, plastic totes, pallets, poly-bagged items, beverage cartons, mixed SKU pallets, and individual items, depending on their configuration.

The landscape for automated conveyor systems is changing as distribution changes. Distribution centers are handling more individual items than ever these days. Grocery store chains and big box retailers are receiving mixed-SKU pallets that are designed for specific aisles in a store. Retailers that once received full pallets of product once a week or month are now receiving a few cartons every day.

Production lines, goods-to-person automation, picking and packing stations, and direct-to-consumer fulfillment are just some of the applications used for automated conveyor systems. Customers select conveyors based on products to be conveyed, ease of maintenance, reliability, uptime, price, speed, and design flexibility. Other features key to conveyor systems selection focus on low energy/power consumption, low noise emission, clean roller technologies, and individually powered zones.

We provides automated conveyor systems that can span large distances or are flexible to fit in a confined space. Our cost-effective designs ensure your material flow is fast and efficient, or gentle enough to handle breakable products. We have all of the capabilities and features you want in your automated conveyor systems, plus they have the expertise and know-how to help you choose the best design for your facility.